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2017-2018 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Youth Development

  • YDEV 386 - Pre-Internship Seminar II

    As the second part of a three part internship series, students will prepare for their internships by developing skills in portfolio creation, interviewing, goal-setting, project planning, and professional communication.  Additionally, students will finalize their internship site and the project that they will undertake during their internship experience.

    Credits: 1

  • YDEV 387 - Pre-Internship Seminar

    As the second part of a three-part internship series, students will prepare for their internships by developing skills and portfolio creation, interviewing, goal setting, project planning, and professional communication. Additionally, students will finalized or internship site in the project that they will undertake during the internship experience.

    Credits: 2

  • YDEV 388 - Special Topics in Youth Development

    This course is a comprehensive examination of a contemporary issue or social problem related to youth development and/or youth serving agencies.

    Credits: 3

  • YDEV 486 - Supervised Internship in Youth Development

    This course is an individually contracted, practical experience under professional supervision in a youth serving agency. It is intended to assist the student in exploring and confirming career goals, as well as to apply theory and methods outside of the classroom. Students engage in 45 clock hours of supervised internship per semester hour of credit.

    Credits: 2-12

  • YDEV 492 - Researching and Evaluating Youth Programs

    This course develops students’ research and analytical skills as we examine methodological frameworks for planning and implementing qualitative and quantitative social research and evaluation of youth programs.  Topics include: ethical issues; understanding research and evaluation reports; developing research and evaluation designs; constructing and implementing data collection procedures; and methods of analyzing and sharing findings.  Students design and implement their own outcomes evaluations of local youth programs.

    Prerequisites & Notes
    At least three Youth Development and/or Sociology courses.

    Credits: 3


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