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2019-2020 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Movement and Sports Studies




Program Information

Springfield College has long been recognized as an undisputed leader in the fields of physical education, movement studies, and sport. Excellent faculty, modern equipment and facilities, and majors that equally emphasize theoretical and practical achievement are the hallmarks of the College’s movement and sports studies programs.

The movement and sports studies major provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and social foundations of movement and its cultural forms of dance, sport, games, and exercise. Science is at the foundation of the major, with students taking courses in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of movement.  The major offers students the opportunity to prepare for entry-level positions in coaching; and for graduate study in movement and sports studies, sport management, allied health fields, rehabilitation, and teacher preparation.

Students seeking licensure as a teacher of physical education complete the movement and sports studies major, related physical education courses, and an extensive practicum component. Students may also complete the movement and sports studies major without seeking licensure as a teacher. Those students have the opportunity to add the optional outdoor adventure education concentration or to complete a minor to complement their movement studies coursework.

Degree Information

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in Movement and Sports Studies

(120 credit hours) Requirements are subject to change.

Contact Information

For more information about these programs, contact Dr. Michelle Moosbrugger, chairperson of the Physical Education and Health Education Department, at (413) 748-3029, or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

Curricular Requirements

General Education Program (40 - 46 credits)

The General Education program at Springfield College is informed by its century-old Humanics tradition of educating the whole person in spirit, mind, and body, for leadership in service to humanity. These requirements have the goal of developing literate, thoughtful, socially responsible students, and instilling in them a spirit of inquiry into the nature of humankind and the universe. Towards those ends, the requirements emphasize and encourage: the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and competency essential for the improvement of the human condition in a diverse society; a search for personal and spiritual values; and the development of an understanding and appreciation of physical well-being. 

For specific requirements, see the General Education Program (40 - 46 credits)  section.

II. Major Requirements

A. Core Requirements (46 credits)

B. Additional Skill Requirements (1 credit)

1 credit of PEAC / PEPC / PEAI courses

(if you add the optional Adventure Education concentration, be sure to take PEAC 108 and PEAC 109)

C. Fieldwork / Practicum Requirement (12 credits)

III. Optional Concentration

IV. Electives (to complete a minimum of 120 credits)

Although no minor is required, students are encouraged to add the Adventure Education concentration or a minor, such as Athletic Coaching, Business Management or YMCA Professional Studies.

Program Standards for Movement and Sports Studies Majors

All MOST majors, including students following both the general and teacher preparation programs, must meet the following standards by the end of their sophomore year to continue in the major:

  1. Meet or exceed a 2.50 professional cumulative index, consisting of any courses taken with the following prefixes: AEXS, EDUC, HLTH, MOSK, MOST, PHED, PEAC, and PEPC (cumulative indexes will be from the last semester completed).
  2. Earn a minimum 2.500 cumulative grade point average.