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2017-2018 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Degree: Bachelor of Art (B.A.) with a major in Art

(120 credit hours) Requirements are subject to change.

The art major offers students an opportunity for the unique development of their talents in a wide range of visual arts courses.  The program offers a coherent and comprehensive course of study both in breadth, depth and continuity, including introductory and advanced level courses.  Students are expected to demonstrate an advanced level of competence in at least one medium beyond the basic introductory level courses.

The program encourages and nurtures the creative exploration and spirit of each individual and promotes the appreciation and understanding of art as a discipline and its contributions to humanity.  The faculty is committed to instilling excellence and life-long learning skills to students, creating artists who are visually literate, skilled in creative problem solving, and aesthetically sensitive.  Through a solid foundation of art skills, students are prepared for advanced study or a variety of entry-level professional opportunities in the arts.  The committment to artistic and social responsibility by the Visual & Performing Arts Department, its faculty, and its students is the essence of the Springfield College Humanics philosophy.

The prime objectives of the art major are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between design principles, theory, history and psychological elements to the creation of art.
  • Develop the underlying skill and vocabulary utillized in art criticism and aesthetic observation.
  • Develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills in their respective artistic disciplines.
  • Develop a capacity for self-evaluation and ability to set clear goals for creative and imaginative ideas.
  • Promote the appreciation and understanding of art as a discipline and of its contributions to humanity.

Whenever possible, prospective students arrange to meet with the Chairperson of the Visual and Performing Arts Department to review their art portfolios. Details of portfolio preparation and other related information can be obtained by contacting Professor Martin Shell, chairperson of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, at (413) 748-3443. For general information about the art major, contact Professor Shell or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

For more information on the Art major and the Visual and Performing Arts department, click here.



General Education Program (40 - 46 credits)

The General Education program at Springfield College is informed by its century-old Humanics tradition of educating the whole person in spirit, mind, and body, for leadership in service to humanity. These requirements have the goal of developing literate, thoughtful, socially responsible students, and instilling in them a spirit of inquiry into the nature of humankind and the universe. Towards those ends, the requirements emphasize and encourage: the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and competency essential for the improvement of the human condition in a diverse society; a search for personal and spiritual values; and the development of an understanding and appreciation of physical well-being.  For specific requirements, see the General Education Program  section or the Sequencing Guide for this major.

II. Major Requirements

And select one of the following for a total of 6 credits:

Student can take two 3 credit courses in one advanced studio or three 2 credit courses in one advanced studio.

III. Electives (to complete a minimum of 120 credits)

Program Standards

In order to achieve advanced standing and be eligible for advanced courses and fieldwork experience, all art majors must have a record of demonstrating standards of professional competency related to attendance, preparation, academic honesty, creativity, maturity, professional behavior, empathy toward others, aptitude, and aesthetic awareness. Students must also meet the following academic standards:

  1. A cumulative GPA of 2.500.
  2. A 2.500 GPA in all program requirements.
  3. A grade of C or better in all ARTS or ATPY courses.

Once met, standards for advanced standing must be maintained to continue in the major. Students who do not achieve advanced standing by their 90th semester hour must change to another major. If the standards are eventually met, the student may petition the department’s Appraisal and Retention Committee to be readmitted. More information about advanced standing standards and the process to apply is available from the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

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