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2003-2004 Springfield College Graduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Springfield College Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Care Management

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Health Care Management

The Department of Management and Economics at Springfield College offers graduate programs in Health Care Management and Health Care Management in Long-Term Facilities, both of which lead to the degree of master of science. The programs provide the student with the academic preparation and the practical skills required for, and an opportunity for personal growth in, challenging career opportunities in this still-growing sector of the American economy. The programs emphasize preparation for and/or advancement in the broad field of health care management. This includes supervisory and administrative work in a variety of health-related organizations and service systems. With the core courses designed to enhance the management skills and the detailed specifics of the health care industry, these programs will train the dedicated health care professionals required in today’s market.

Program Requirements

The program in Health Care Management requires fifty semester hours for the degree of master of science. A second track within the program is designed to prepare students more specifically to manage long-term health care facilities; this track involves a longer internship and requires fifty-four semester hours. The curriculum consists of core courses and elective credits. The courses chosen will complement and assist students in achieving their career goals.

The programs include courses in management and health care. Because the programs culminate in the degree of master of science, each student is required to complete several research and computer courses, and one additional graduate core course. Students will also complete an internship and a research project. The number of academic credits assigned to the fieldwork/internship component varies according to the track selected by the student. The elective component includes traditional three-semester-hour electives and a variety of one-semester hour graduate seminars which focus on current topics in health care management.

Research Courses (Total 8 s.h.)

* Refer to master’s degree requirements.

Internship/Fieldwork experience (Total 3 s.h.)


12 s.h. chosen in consultation with academic advisor.

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