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2003-2004 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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(130 semester hours) Requirements are subject to change.

Dance is the art of movement and a fundamental expression of human experience. Through dance, as in all the arts, students develop the capacity to transform themselves, to become artist-leaders in their communities, and to effect positive social change. In the past two decades, the study and application of dance knowledge has crossed over into other areas: the humanities, health/fitness, medicine, rehabilitation, therapy, and education. Dance has been increasingly brought into the mainstream of the helping professions.

The dance major gives students the opportunity to develop their talents, creativity, and skills; study dance in depth; and prepare for a career in dance or a related field. The curriculum prepares students for graduate programs in dance performance and choreography, dance education, dance/movement therapy, somatics, and other related fields. Students may wish to combine dance in a double major with psychology as further preparation for a career in dance/movement therapy. They may also wish to take courses in management and economics to prepare for a career as an art administrator, independent consultant, or small business owner. Fieldwork and internships provide students with the opportunity to work closely with a dance professional, community project, in the schools, or established dance institution.

For more information about the dance major, contact Dr. Cynthia Noble of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at (413) 748-3158 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

General Education Program - 40 s.h. in addition to courses taken for the major.

I. General Education Program

To integrate the humanics philosophy into their lives, Springfield College students engage in the search for knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of values through a variety of courses in the sciences and humanities. In addition to those General Education courses, students must complete 6 s.h. of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) courses. For more information see the General Education Program and WAC courses. In the major requirements listed below, selected courses which fulfill General Education categories are marked with an asterisk; selected WAC courses are marked with a “W”.

II. Major Requirements (50 s.h.)

Dance and Movement Selectives (13 s.h.)

In addition, select a minimum of 4 s.h. from the following:

In addition, select a minimum of 7 s.h. from the following:

III. Electives (40 s.h. to complete 130 s.h.)

The following electives are highly recommended:

  • Any selectives listed above which were not used to fill a requirement

IV. Sample Program by Year

The program listed below is a sample—-courses are not guaranteed to be offered during the semester or year listed. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that all requirements are met on a timely basis and that needed prerequisite courses are completed before taking upper-level requirements; therefore, they should consult carefully with an advisor when planning their program. Students must average 16.25 s.h. a semester to complete this program in four years.

In addition to the courses identified below, the following General Education categories need to be fulfilled for this major: Mathematics, Computer Science, Health, Literature, Second Language/Culture, History, Social Science, Social Justice, Philosophy, Religion, and Writing-Across-the-Curriculum. Students must also insure that they fulfill their fourth credit of skills courses. 40 s.h. of electives will be required to complete 130 s.h.

Courses marked with an * fulfill or partially fulfill a General Education category; courses marked with a w may fulfill a WAC requirement, depending on the year taken.

First Year - Fall or Spring Semesters

  • PEAC ___* - 1 s.h. of dance or movement skills selectives
  • 5–8 s.h. of General Education courses

B. Second Year - Fall Semester

Second Year - Fall or Spring Semesters

  • PEAC ___* - 1 s.h. of dance or movement skills selectives
  • 12 s.h. of General Education courses
  • 4–7 s.h. of electives

Second Year - Spring Semester

C. Third Year - Fall Semester

Third Year - Fall or Spring Semesters

  • General Education courses or electives to total 33–36 s.h. for the year

Third Year - Spring Semester

D. Fourth Year - Fall or Spring Semesters

  • Any uncompleted program requirements, General Education courses or electives to total 130 s.h.

A total of 4 s.h. from the following:

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