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2018-2019 Springfield College Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Springfield College Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ATPY 682 - Advanced Seminar in Professional Identity, Clinical Skills and Applications in Art Therapy/Counseling

The purpose of this course is to integrate the clinical skills advanced practice of art therapy within a helping relationship framework. More specifically, the various types of clients, populations, diagnoses, and defined goals are integrated with the theoretical applications of the art therapy materials and modalities. The course is split into a didactic and an experimental program. Class discussion includes professional identity; therapy session preparation and structure; the therapeutic process and climate; beginning, maintaining and terminating clinical sessions and treatment; risk assessment; trauma informed therapy, social action; bereavement counseling; art therapy/counseling in the digital world, and clinical indications in choice of materials and modalities. Class experiences are designed to illustrate the focus and direction of specific issues.

Prerequisites & Notes

PSYC 622 - Principles of Counseling  

Credits: 3