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2024-2025 Springfield College Catalog 
2024-2025 Springfield College Catalog

Undergraduate Admissions - International

Students who come to Springfield College are educated in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. It is important for students applying to Springfield College to know that these values are lived out each and every day both inside and outside the classroom. There is something very special about Springfield College - see for yourself.

The Springfield College student is selected and admitted on the basis of leadership potential, character, and intellectual ability. The Office of International Admissions seeks those who possess personal qualities required in the human-helping professions. 

This page contains information about the following topics:

Additional information is also available on the Admissions home page on the Springfield College website.

Admissions Requirements

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  1. An application to Springfield College by way of the Common Application.

  2. An official record indicating satisfactory achievement in a college preparatory program in an accredited secondary school. The course distribution should show competence in English, social studies, science, and mathematics. Due to the professional nature of many of Springfield College’s programs, the evaluation of a candidate’s high school record will be favorably affected by an emphasis on courses that relate to the students intended major. For instance, candidates planning to major in applied exercise science, athletic training, biology, health science/general studies, health studies, nutritional sciences, physical education, physical therapy, or physician assistant should include additional sciences in their high school curriculum.

    • Please have your official academic transcript documents with subjects and marks submitted directly by the secondary school(s) currently/previously attended through the online application or by emailing intladmissions@springfield.edu. Math and science requirements should have been met during your secondary education. If you are accepted to Springfield College, your school will be asked to send your final official transcript showing all completed work and completion date as proof of graduation.

    • Please include any diplomas/certificates received as well as your official examination results from any required Secondary School leaving exam. Predicted exam results may be used as part of your application review.

    • All transcripts must be in English. You may be required to submit a translation and/or professional credential evaluation from any member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)

  3. Evidence of involvement in extracurricular activities. Since Springfield College seeks to educate those interested in human service careers, involvement in out-of-class experience is not only desired but also necessary for all candidates. This is viewed as evidence of motivation for the major chosen. School activities (clubs and teams), community activities (churches, public or private agencies), summer or weekend activities, or any experience that manifests the candidate’s desire for involvement with people are considered. For those anticipating employment in the teaching field, experience as a teacher, informal though it may be and even though called by some other name (counselor, aide, leader, etc.), is appropriate. Those planning on careers in physical education should demonstrate experience in sport activities as well. Other career programs at Springfield College should be preceded by appropriate relevant experience.

  4. A personal statement is required. Your personal statement essay gives you a chance to show admission representatives who you really are beyond grades and test scores. This essay is important in evaluating your application for admission as it allows you to show your personality, intelligence, values, and your future aspirations. It is very important that you be thoughtful with this essay since it is evaluated carefully. Take your time, write convincingly, spell correctly, use complete sentences, and check your grammar. Personal statements must be the applicant’s own original work. Plagiarism and use of AI are grounds for denial.

  5. Springfield College requires at least one academic recommendation from a teacher or a guidance counselor at your school. Certain academic programs at Springfield College will require more than one recommendation to complete your application. If you are applying to a program that requires additional recommendations, you will be notified on the Common Application. While only one academic recommendation is required to complete your application, you are welcome to submit additional letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters must be uploaded to your application by your school or emailed to us by your school at intladmissions@springfield.edu.

  6. International students who are applying to Springfield College are required to submit proof of English language proficiency. A variety of English language proficiency tests will be accepted and some exceptions may apply. For example, international students who are from a country in which English is the official language, or students who have earned a degree taught in English do not need to submit English language proficiency test scores.

  7. It is required that international students submit a scanned copy of the information page of their passport.

    • If you have a current (unexpired) I-20 form please provide this as well.  

    • Please upload this to your application or email it to intladmissions@springfield.edu. 

  8. Certain majors require additional credentials/certain specialized programs also may require earlier application deadlines. Instructions and further information will be forwarded to applicants seeking acceptance to the following programs.

All application materials must be accurate, complete to the best of your knowledge, and your own original work completed fully on your own accord. Submitting fraudulent or plagiarized materials is grounds for immediate denial. If fraudulence or plagiarism is discovered following an acceptance, the admissions decision may be reversed. 

Admissions Deadlines

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Fall Semester (September)

  • Application Deadline: May 1

  • Enrollment Deposit Deadline: June 15

  • I-20 Issuance Deadline: June 30

Spring Semester (January)

  • Application Deadline: October 1

  • Enrollment Deposit Deadline: November 1

  • I-20 Issuance Deadline: November 15

Enrollment deadlines are firm and designed to give accepted students the lead time needed to complete the U.S. immigration process and secure a visa.

Admissions Staff Review

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The admissions staff begin reviewing applications as they become complete. Considering this as well as admissions deadlines, it is advantageous for all candidates to complete their applications as soon as possible. 

All applicants who are accepted before completion of their current year in secondary school should understand that acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of their final year.

First Year Student Admissions Policy

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Selection is based on the total preparation of the student. The final selection of an applicant is an individual decision. Many factors are considered, and among those given serious consideration are: secondary school achievement record; the personal essay; recommendation of secondary school authorities; and capacity for leadership as evidenced by responsibilities successfully undertaken in school, church, and/or community. 

Students who have completed college level coursework following the completion of their secondary education studies do not qualify as a first year student. If a student has taken college courses, they must apply to Springfield College as a transfer student using the transfer student application

English Language Proficiency

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Springfield College requires minimum English Language Proficiency (ELP) scores. If an applicant does not meet the minimum ELP score they will not be admitted. Conditional acceptances based on low scores will not be granted. 

A student may retake ELP tests in order to attempt to achieve a qualifying score and resubmit results for consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate their plans to retake tests or complete additional coursework in order to meet the College’s ELP requirements to the Office of International Admissions prior to receiving an admissions decision in order to avoid a denial of admission. Any replacement scores must be submitted for consideration prior to the admission deadline for the intended term of entry. 

Certificates of Completion from Intensive English Language Schools or Programs may also be considered on a case by case basis.

Deferred Admission

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On occasion, various unforeseen circumstances may disrupt a student’s ability to enroll in their original term of entry. Springfield College will consider, on an individual basis, requests for deferment of acceptance for one academic year. However, due to the selective nature of the admissions process, it cannot be guaranteed in every situation. Deadlines for deferral requests align with deposit deadlines for each given term of entry (see Admissions Deadlines above). Enrollment in another institution, other than for the purpose of strengthening English language skills, is not allowed. The College expects at least one report during the year from any student so deferred. Arrangements for these reports are to be made at the time of considering the request.

If the deferment is granted, the acceptance is extended a maximum of 12 months. The $300 nonrefundable deposit is required in order to proceed with a deferment.

Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

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Springfield College does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected basis in admission and access to, and employment and treatment in, its programs and activities.

Guidelines for Learning Disability Documentation

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In order to determine eligibility for services, students are asked to submit documentation for the purpose of determining appropriate academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. The following guidelines are provided to ensure that the evaluation reports are appropriate to document eligibility and determine reasonable accommodations:

  1. Testing must be comprehensive and address aptitude, achievement, and information processing.

  2. Testing must be current (within the last three years).

  3. Testing must show clear and specific evidence and identification of a learning disability.

  4. Testing must include a statement of functional/educational limitations.

It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify and request support services. In addition, many of the College’s departments have established technical standards which describe essential functions and which must be maintained to participate in that department.

International Student Welcome Program

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The International Center provides programming and support services designed to help both international undergraduate and graduate students experience a smooth transition to Springfield College and U.S. culture. The program begins with pre-arrival sessions in August followed by a Welcome program that kicks off 3 days before the new student orientation with airport pickups. International students get to enjoy arriving on campus early, getting settled into their new environment, and building community with the help of the International Center and peer mentors. Notification of international arrival and welcome program dates is given upon receipt of the admissions deposit.


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Students who have separated from the College for two or more consecutive semesters must reapply in order to be re-admitted. Readmission to the College must be effected through the Office of Enrollment Management unless arrangements have been made with the Dean of Students prior to separation. Service members called to active duty should discuss details of their leave with the Dean of Students prior to their departure to develop a plan for returning.

In some cases, an interview with Admissions may be required. Substantiation by the student of the appropriateness of readmission must be given in writing; at least one reference is required; and, in nearly all cases, a new medical report must be submitted to update records already on file.

Initially, submission of the student’s letter of substantiation or arrangements for the interview must be made no later than the beginning of the semester prior to the one in which re-enrollment is desired. All supporting papers must be received no later than four weeks prior to the intended enrollment date. A $300 enrollment deposit is requested within four weeks after the date of the acceptance letter. The fee is applied to tuition and is nonrefundable.

Changes in Admission

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The College reserves the right to make whatever changes in admission requirements, fees, charges, tuition, instructors, regulations, and academic programs in its sole discretion prior to the start of any class, term, semester, trimester, or session. The College also reserves the right to divide, cancel, or reschedule classes or programs if enrollment or other factors so require.

Steps to Obtain Your I-20 and Apply for the F-1 Visa

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  1. Submit the deposit required by the admissions office to confirm your plans to enroll in Springfield College.

  2. Submit the Certification of Finances for your program, supporting financial proof, and a copy of your passport to the International Center at internationalcenter@springfield.edu.

  3. All students are required to submit financial documents that demonstrate the ability to meet the estimated cost of attendance for the first year of their program of study (including tuition, fees, and living expenses) before Springfield College can issue the immigration document Form I-20 needed to apply for an F-1 student visa. All submitted documentation must be in English or include certified translations along with original documents.

  4. The International Center will begin reviewing financial documents and issuing I-20s approximately 6 months before the start of each term. All documents should be submitted no later than 2 months before the start of your term of entry.

  5. Keep all the original documents, as you will need them for your visa application.  

  6. Receiving your I-20: Your I-20 will generally be issued within 1 week after receipt of acceptable documents. The I-20 will be emailed to your Springfield College email address as a PDF. You will need to print the Form I-20 and add your signature and date for it to be official.

  7. Pay the SEVIS fee: Before applying for an F-1 visa, all first-time visa applicants are required to pay the SEVIS fee (online via credit card) AND the visa application fee. They are two separate fees. Make sure to print and save the I-901 Receipt (SEVIS fee) to present during your visa appointment.

  8. Apply for a Visa: After you receive your immigration documents and pay the SEVIS fee, you will apply for your F-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country. For how to apply for your F-1 visa, Go to the U.S. Department of State website. Do remember that the process takes time. See Visa Wait Times for more information. Please review these tips to help you prepare for your visa appointment.

  9. Keep Us Informed: Please let us know when you receive your visa, if you have been denied or if you are having trouble getting a visa appointment. Students who are not able to secure a visa in time to arrive on campus by the start of classes will need to request to defer their enrollment in writing.