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2023-2024 Springfield College Catalog 
2023-2024 Springfield College Catalog

Study Abroad

 Study Abroad

As an integral component of our undergraduate curriculum, Springfield College offers students opportunities to study abroad. Students may elect to attend one of our partner universities or to arrange study at another institution. Each partner university for study abroad is unique and offers Springfield College students an opportunity to select courses that may satisfy General Education, major, minor, or elective requirements. All courses must be pre-approved by the Academic Advising Center.

Students who wish to participate in a semester of study abroad at a partner university must have an overall GPA of 3.0, full-time undergraduate enrollment, and an excellent citizenship record. Individual institutions may have further requirements.

Students who meet the requirements of, apply to, and are accepted at one of Springfield College’s partnership schools may qualify to have a portion of their financial aid applied to their semester abroad.

Grading for Courses Completed at Partnership Programs

The grade earned at a partnership university will be considered attempted resident credit hours, recorded on the Springfield College transcript, and calculated into the student’s GPA.

Any student completing a semester abroad at a partner university may elect pass/fail grading for one course taken overseas. If a student selects this option, they will designate the one pass/fail course upon return from the semester abroad and Springfield College’s receipt of the transcript from the partner university. As an exception to the pass/fail grading policy, the one course designated as pass/fail and completed in study abroad through a partner university may be applied towards meeting a General Education requirement.  All credits earned at our partner universities will be considered resident credits and applied toward graduation. Name of partner university, exact study abroad course titles, Springfield College course equivalencies and waivers will appear on a transcript.

Grading for Courses Completed at Other Overseas Universities

Grades from study abroad with a non-partner institution will follow Springfield College’s policy for transfer credits.

For more information about study abroad programs and options, you may also click here to go to the Study Abroad Programs home page.