Apr 12, 2024  
2023-2024 Springfield College Catalog 
2023-2024 Springfield College Catalog

Catalog Year

All students are initially bound to the institutional and program-specific degree requirements listed within the corresponding Springfield College Catalog for the academic year of their matriculation (e.g., their catalog year).  A catalog year will only change in the following cases:

  • A current student is accepted into an academic program that was not offered in their original catalog year but is in a catalog year forward (not backwards). In this case, the student’s institutional degree requirements remains on their original catalog year.  Students cannot add/change to a program that is no longer active at the College regardless of their catalog year. 
  • A readmitted student is able to complete all of the degree requirements in the current catalog year in a timely fashion and/or the institution deems a catalog year as necessary. 
  • A readmitted student whose degree requirements from their original catalog year are no longer offered.  

In addition, students may petition to change their catalog year forward (not backwards) for any applicable program. The petition must be supported by the corresponding Department Chair and Dean to be approved.  In addition, students may petition to substitute or waive specific requirements listed within their program outside of the catalog year change process (see Substitutions and Waivers  policy for additional detail.)