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2017-2018 Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies 
2017-2018 Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School’s Mission

School of Professional and Continuing Studies Mission Statement

In accordance with the mission of Springfield College, the mission of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies is to provide broadly accessible higher education in human services for adult learners that embodies the principles of Humanics, community partnership, and academic excellence to achieve social and economic justice.

Our goals and objectives are:

To provide an educational experience that…

  • emphasizes social analysis, critical thinking, communications skills and leadership for social and economic change;
  • responds to student, workplace and community needs;
  • incorporates the knowledge adult learners bring to the classroom through collaborative learning and critical reflection.


To recruit, enroll and graduate highly motivated students who are committed to the distinctive philosophy of the college and the school, and who…

  • are economically and culturally diverse and have been historically denied access to higher education;
  • reflect regional demographics;
  • can and will engage in an education to help achieve economic and social justice.


To create and maintain mutually beneficial alliances with communities and organizations that…

  • provide an environment where the human services community gathers to reflect and share knowledge and experience;
  • offer resources and information to build and sustain organizations designed to serve community human service needs;
  • provide meaningful fieldwork opportunities for students and faculty.


To help society achieve social and economic justice by generating new knowledge about…

  • human services;
  • adult teaching and learning;
  • development and change in local, national and global communities.


To establish and maintain working and learning environments that…

  • attract, develop, support and retain competent faculty, administrators and staff who are committed to the school’s mission;
  • provide clean and attractive facilities as well as systems and equipment necessary to support the programs of the school;
  • foster meeting the objectives of the school through teamwork;
  • clearly define roles, responsibilities and authority;
  • encourage open, clear, comprehensive and timely communication;
  • acknowledge talent and creativity among faculty, administrators, staff and students.