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2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Student Expenses

The cost of attendance at Springfield College varies with the individual’s program and personal expenditures (e.g., entertainment, travel, and personal goods). However, each student can compute basic costs from the information supplied within this section. The schedule of fees and charges described herein is neither intended to indicate that charges have been finally determined for the current academic year nor that charges and fees will not increase during the students years at Springfield College. The following tables give the probable cost to a student who lives in the College residence hall and eats meals in the College dining facility for the 2004-2005 academic year.


Student basic charge (tuition and fees)
Residence hall double occupancy
Board (Flex Basic Plan*)
Estimated annual cost


$ 20,360
$ 4,000
$ 3,380
$ 27,740

Basic fees include class dues and student government fees

* This figure is the minimum for resident students. See further details below under “Board.”

Additionally, first-year and transfer students are billed for the following applicable nonrecurring items:


New Student Orientation
Outdoor pursuits
Athletic clothing


$ 100
$ 150
$ 107

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Residence Life

The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to create a living environment that promotes academic achievement and personal growth. Because of the belief in the value gained from the residential experience, all students are required to live on campus through their junior year and many choose to live on campus through their senior year. Students whose families reside locally, who are married, or who are of non-traditional age are exceptions to this rule.

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Payment Plan Options

The College offers several payment plan options. One option is to pay the balance, net of estimated financial aid, at the beginning of each semester (August 1 and January 1).

Another option, for undergraduates only, is to pay the balance, net of estimated financial aid, in nine monthly installments beginning August 1. The processing fee to participate in this plan is $75 per year. In addition, a life insurance policy is included under this plan at no additional cost. The insurance covers the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the student, however, they must be under sixty-five years of age.

Graduate or part-time students may opt for a per semester payment plan. The processing fee to participate in this plan is $25 per semester.

Credit Balance Refund Policies

If a student has a credit balance on their account, a refund check will be issued within fourteen days, unless the student authorizes the College in writing to hold the credit balance for a future semester. On the Friday following the date the refund check is generated, the refund check will be available for pick up at the Business Office cashier window. If the refund check is not picked up by 2:00 p.m., it will be mailed to the billing address on the student account. The refund check will be made payable to the student, unless the student requests in writing that the refund check be made payable to another party. Plus Loan refunds will be made payable to the parent borrower.

Nonpayment Policy

For currently enrolled students, non-enrolled students, students who have been separated, dismissed, suspended, expelled, disciplined, withdrawn, and/or are on a leave of absence, the College will withhold all official transcripts, access to registration for courses, selection of a residence hall room, and the mailing of diplomas or certificates to any student whose account is not paid in full when due. A late charge of $50 will be assessed for each month that a payment is past due. The student, and/or party who is responsible for the payment of the student account, shall be jointly liable to the College for all costs of collection and reasonable attorneys fees incurred. The student is required to make full payment of all accounts prior to the deadline for Commencement (date established by the Registrar). Non-enrolled students with a balance on their account will be placed in collections.

Once a student registers for classes, they are responsible for the tuition incurred. Not attending classes does not constitute withdrawing or dropping a class. Any changes to a students course schedule requires the approval of an academic advisor and an official registration action.