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2003-2004 Human Services Graduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Human Services Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Non-Payment Policy

For currently enrolled students, non-enrolled students, students who have been separated, dismissed, suspended, expelled, disciplined, withdrawn and/or have taken a leave of absence, the College will withhold all official transcripts, access to registration for courses and the awarding of diplomas to any student whose account is not paid in full when due. A late charge of $25 will be assessed for each month that a payment is past due. The student and/or the party who is responsible for the payment of the student account shall be jointly liable to the College for all costs of collection and reasonable attorneys fees incurred. The student is required to make full payment of all accounts prior to the deadline for commencement (date established by the registrar). Non-enrolled students with abalance on their account will be placed in collections. Once studentsregister for classes, they are responsible for the tuition incurred. Notattending classes does not constitute withdrawing or dropping a class.Any changes to a students course schedule require the approval of anacademic advisor.

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