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2003-2004 Human Services Graduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Human Services Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Aid Policy and Services

All information in a students file is considered confidential. Disclosure of family financial information is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The financial aid staff cannot discuss details of the students application with persons other than the student and/or responsible parent. If other individuals acting on behalf of the student are to have access to this information, a confidential release form, available upon request, must be on file with the Office of Financial Aid.

Unless otherwise noted in the students award letter, aid is awarded on the basis of full-time enrollment (nine credits per term for graduate students). Aid awards are subject to adjustment or cancellation if the student does not enroll full time. Financial aid will be disbursed by term.

The total financial assistance a student receives cannot exceed need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Students are required to advise the Office of Financial Aid of outside agency and/or scholarship aid. If there is a gap between calculated eligibility and the amount of aid in the students financial aid package, outside aid will be allowed to fill that unmet need. If full eligibility has been funded, outside aid will first reduce the self-help component (work study and loans) of the financial aid package. An award can be canceled during the academic year for failure to meet the academic requirements of the College, for conduct inconsistent with the standards of the College, for failure to enroll or if incorrect information was provided in the application process.

An application for financial assistance must be completed for each academic year. Renewal of awards is contingent upon continued demonstration of financial need, eligibility, and availability of funds. Students who received College funds in the prior academic year will be given preference in the renewal process. The College does not guarantee the availability of funds to meet the need of all eligible students.

Failure to provide requested documentation may result in denial of assistance. Students are expected to take responsibility for completing the financial aid process. Changes in enrollment, financial, marital or residential status should be promptly reported to the Office of Financial Aid. The financial aid award shall be void if and when incorrect or inconsistent information is revealed on forms or other documentation submitted in the application process. All awards are subject to verification. Cases of fraud will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Students who are in default on prior educational loans are not eligible for assistance until the default is cleared or the loan is rehabilitated. Students receiving tuition remission/tuition waivers are not eligible for Springfield College grants.

The College advises donors of the names of students who are recipients of College grants funded by their gifts to the College.

All financial aid, including disbursements from one of the federal Family Education Loan programs (Stafford/Plus), must be credited directly to the students account in the Colleges Business Office. Credit balances (more aid than charges) will be refunded to the student according to the schedule published by the Business Office. These refunds must be used for education-related expenses only.

The annual publication Financing Your Springfield College Education details the available programs and the policies governing the awarding and disbursement of funds. This publication is sent to each student receiving a financial aid decision.

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