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2007-2008 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Title II Statement

United States Higher Education Act (HEA),
as Amended in 1998. Sec. 207
Also Known As Title II
Public Disclosure Statement

Springfield College Tops State Average Scores
Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure 2005 - 2006

Springfield College is proud to announce the 100 percent pass rate for our students who took the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) for 2005-2006, topping the state average pass rate of 97 percent. Candidates for educator licensure in Massachusetts must pass tests of communication, literacy skills, and the subject area of the license they are seeking.

With 51 faculty members devoted to the practicum supervision of our teacher preparation students, Springfield College boasts one of the best student/faculty ratios in the state of 2.04. (That is the number of teacher preparation students divided by number of supervising faculty members.)

In addition, all Springfield College teacher preparation programs have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education and meet the standards of national teacher education organizations. This mark of quality ensures that our students qualify for licensure in Massachusetts and enables them to easily get licensed/certified in other states. More information on Springfield College students’ MTEL results follows:

# SC Test-Takers # SC Test Passers SC Pass Rate State Pass Rate

Communication Literacy Reading
102 102 100% 100%

Communication Literacy Writing
101 101 100% 99%

Aggregate Communication
Literacy Reading and Writing
102 102 100% 99%

Academic Content Area Tests
(with 10 or more SC test takers):
- Physical Education 57 57 100% 98%
- General Curriculum 17 17 100% 99%
- Foundations of Reading 24 24 100% 98%

Aggregate Content Area Tests
(all subjects including tests with less than 10 SC test takers)
123 123 100% 98%

Communication Literacy Reading & Writing
& Academic Content Area Tests:
104 104 100% 97%


Other 2005-2006 Springfield College MTEL Information   Number
SC Teacher Preparation Students
SC Students in Supervised Student Teaching
- Average Hours per week
- Weeks of Student Teaching
- Minimum Hours of Student Teaching
Supervising Faculty Members
- Full Time
- Part-Time Adjunct