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2007-2008 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Affairs Program

Undergraduate Departments And Areas of Study

NOTE: “Disciplines” are areas of course work that fall within
departments. They should not be confused with “majors.”

I. Visual and Performing Arts

Disciplines: Art, Dance, Drama, Music
Majors: Art, Art Therapy, Computer Graphics/Interactive Digital Arts, Dance
Minors: Art, Art Therapy, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts
Teacher Licensure Program: Teacher of Visual Arts (PreK8, 512) 

II. Biology/Chemistry Department

Majors: Biology, Sports Biology
Minors: Biology, Chemistry
Teacher Licensure Program: Teacher of Biology (58 and/or 812) 

III. Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science Department

Majors: Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Technology
Minors: Computer Science, Computer Programming, Mathematics
Teacher Licensure Programs: Teacher of Mathematics (58 and/or 812), Elementary Teacher (16) 

IV. Education Department

Teacher Licensure Programs: Early Childhood Education (PreK2), Elementary
Teacher (16), Secondary Education in the following disciplines: Art, Biology, English, Mathematics, History. 

V. Emergency Medical Services Management Department

Major: Emergency Medical Services Management 

VI. Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department

Majors: Applied Exercise Science, Athletic Training
Minors: Nutrition 

VII. Humanities Department

Disciplines: Communication, English, Modern Languages, Religion, Philosophy
Majors: English, Communications/Sports Journalism
Minors: English, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish
Teacher Licensure Programs: Teacher of English (58 and/or 812), Elementary Teacher (16) 

VIII. Interdisciplinary Programs

Majors and Programs: General Studies (self-designed major),
Undeclared major (available for first two years) 

IX. Management and Economics Department

Majors: Business Management, Health Services Administration
Minors: Business Management, Economics, Not For Profit 

X. Occupational Therapy Department

Major: Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy with a Bachelor’s degree in a related major.
Dual degree programs in: Art Therapy, Biology, Dance, General Studies, Psychology, Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. 

XI. Physician Assistant Department

Major: Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science and a Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant 

XII. Physical Education and Health Education Department

Majors: Movement and Sport Studies, Health Studies
Minors: Athletic Coaching, Health Studies
Teacher Licensure Programs: Teacher of Physical Education (PreK8 and/or 512), Teacher of Health/Family and Consumer Sciences (all grades) 

XIII. Physical Therapy Department

Major: Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy and Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy 

XIV. Psychology Department

Major: Psychology
Minor: Psychology
Teacher Licensure Program: Early Childhood Education - Teachers of Students with and without Disabilities (PreK2) 

XV.Sport Management and Recreation Department

Majors: Recreation Management, Therapeutic Recreation Services, Sport Management, Outdoor Leadership
Minor: Outdoor Leadership 

XVI. Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Department

Majors: Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Communication Disorders
Minor: Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies 

XVII. Social Science Department

Disciplines: Criminology, History, Sociology, Youth Development
Majors: American Studies, Applied Sociology, Criminal Justice, History, Youth Development
Minors: History, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice, YMCA Professional Studies
Teacher Licensure Program: Teacher of History (58 and/or 812), Elementary
Teacher (16) 

XVIII. School of Human Services (SHS)

Major: Bachelor of Science in Human Services
The SHS program and its courses are not described in this catalog. Because of the unique nature of the School of Human Services, it has its own student catalog. This can be obtained by calling (800) 727-0004 or (413) 748-3207, or by writing to Springfield College, School of Human Services, 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109-3797.