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2006-2007 Springfield College Graduate Catalog 
2006-2007 Springfield College Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Aid

Many students require financial assistance to meet the challenge of paying for a graduate program. All applicants for admission are sent financial aid information. Financial need has no bearing on the admission decision. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid at any time to discuss application procedures, financing options, or changes to their financial status. Students are advised that financing options at the graduate level are highly loan dependent.

All information in the student financial aid application file is considered confidential. Disclosure of family financial information is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The financial aid staff does not discuss details of the students application with persons other than the student. If other individuals acting on behalf of the student are to have access to this information, a confidential release form, available upon request, must be on file with the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial aid staff work closely with the Bursar in the management of student accounts and are authorized to develop payment plans with students. Detailed information on programs and financial aid policy and procedures is available in the annual publication, Financing Your Springfield College Education. This publication is sent with all financial aid decisions and is also available online.

The following pages contain information about these topics:

Programs Available to Graduate Students


Loan Programs


Eligibility for federal loan programs is determined by evaluating the students income and assets as declared on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Need based awards are subject to the federally defined data verification process which requires some students to submit a tax return and other supporting documentation.

Federal Stafford Loan Program


Students may borrow up to $18,500 per academic year. A maximum of $8,500 may be subsidized which means that the federal government pays the interest while the student is enrolled at least half time. The balance may be in the form of an unsubsidized Stafford Loan. In this program, interest accrues while the student is in school but payment may be deferred. The interest rate is the same for both programs. Starting with the 2006-2007 academic year, all new Stafford loans will have a fixed 6.8% interest rate. Students must be enrolled at least half time (5 credits per semester) to qualify for the loan and deferred payment. Payment responsibility is deferred until 6 months after the student ceases half time enrollment. Loan funds are made available through participating lenders. Students should check with their bank or credit union. Alternatively, they can call the Financial Adi Office for advice on those lenders who have served our students well in the past. Applicants must complete the financial aid application process.

Federal Perkins Loan


(formerly the National Direct Student Loan)

Eligibility for this need-based program is subject to federal regulations. Funds are very limited. These awards are made to high need students who complete the financial aid application process. Repayment begins nine months after half time enrollment ceases. The interest rate is a fixed 5%.

Federal GRAD PLUS Loan


Graduate students are eligible to apply for this federal supplemental loan. The Federal GRAD PLUS Loan is a popular, low-cost loan sponsored by the federal government to help pay for school expenses. Credit worthy graduate students may borrow up to the cost of education minus any financial aid. Loans are subject to the lender’s credit policy and the Springfield College Office of Financial Aid certification of enrollment and costs. There are no annual or aggregate loan limits and no payments while in school. The interest rate is a fixed 8.5%. Repayment begins 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed.

Other Loan Programs


The College participates in a wide array of supplemental loan programs with outside lenders. Information on these programs is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

Additional Programs


All-College Graduate Scholarships


Each year, four All-College Graduate Scholarships are made available to graduate students. The selection criteria include both academic accomplishment and professional promise. Financial need is not an influencing factor. Applications for All-College Graduate Scholarships are available from the Office of Graduate Admissions after January 1. The application deadline is April 1 for the following academic year. New and returning students are eligible to apply.

Springfield College Grants


Springfield College Grants are available on a very limited basis. Factors taken into consideration are the students program of study, level of need and prior academic achievement. The College does not guarantee funding to all eligible applicants. Applicants must complete the financial aid application process for consideration.

Residence Hall Directorships


A limited number of positions as residence hall directors are available at Springfield College each year. These positions are held in conjunction with full-time graduate study. Directorships include a furnished apartment in the assigned residence hall, tuition waiver (not to exceed twenty-four semester hours per year), and a stipend. Inquiry and application should be made directly to the Office of Residence Life. All applications must be received by March 1.

Rehabilitation Traineeships


Another scholarship program, supported by federal funds when available, is known as Rehabilitation Service Administration Traineeships (stipend accompanied by full or partial tuition). Further information can be obtained from the Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Department.

Teaching / Research Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships


Teaching / Research Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships are available within the Colleges schools and departments for a limited number of qualified graduate students. In addition to providing remuneration up to $4,000 per academic year, a full teaching/research fellowship enables a student to register for courses without charge for tuition up to a maximum of twenty-four semester hours per year. A graduate assistantship is paid on an hourly basis. Persons interested in applying for teaching/research fellowships or graduate assistantships should complete the Teaching/Research Fellowhip/Graduate Assistantship Interest Identification Form (found in the graduate application packet) and submit it to the Office of Graduate Admissions. The departmental teaching/research fellowship application will then be forwarded by appropriate departments. Applications must be returned to the department by February 15.

A limited number of doctoral teaching/research fellowships are also available each year. These carry a stipend of $5,000 to $7,000 for an academic year as well as waiver of tuition. Application for such positions should be made to the Dean of the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. A detailed resume of teaching and/or research competencies, as well as academic accomplishments and professional experience, should be included with the completed application form.

Student Employment


Part-Time Job Opportunities

The Office of Financial Aid and the Career Center coordinate part time, on-campus job opportunities. A wide variety of positions are available in departments throughout the campus. Available positions are posted by the Career Center. The student is responsible for securing employment. Each department is responsible for its own hiring decisions. Preference is given to students who are eligible for federal work study.

Graduate Assistantship packages

Special Graduate Assistantship packages are available on a limited basis to qualified graduate students. The position benefits provide a stipend of $4,500 per student per year to fund 15 hours per week of work for 30 weeks a year. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for additional information (413-748-3125).

Career-Related positions

The Career Center and its Cooperative Education staff develop off campus, career related positions for students. These placements give students the opportunity to earn money while gaining valuable career related experience.

America Reads tutorial program

The America Reads tutorial program is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid and the Career Center. Students in this program are trained as literacy tutors and work in Springfield agencies and schools. Students must be eligible for the federal work study program to participate in America Reads.

Students are encouraged to research the availability of programs from organizations outside of the college. The Office of Financial Aid provides a list of Internet web sites to assist students in this search.

AmeriCorps Program

Springfield College has been a leader in community collaborations designed to meet a variety of needs, especially those centered on youth. The Springfield College AmeriCorps program provides direct services in the neighborhoods surrounding the College primarily in the areas of education, youth enrichment, health and other human needs. The members serve in one of the following service categories: academic coaching, counseling and case management, youth leadership development or capacity building.

Graduate students from all academic programs are welcome to apply. In some cases AmeriCorps placements may be combined with academic requirements. Members will serve in one of the four areas of need based on the best match between the organization’s service need and the member’s knowledge and skills.

For the 2006-2007 academic year, 100 members will serve part-time throughout the academic year of September - June and will be required to complete 900 hours of service. Typically, members provide direct services for twenty hours per week during this time. Approximately 180 hours of training time will count towards the 900-hour commitment. Each member receives approximately $8,000 during the year in a living allowance and an education voucher. For more information please contact the AmeriCorps office at (413) 748-3160.

Academic Standing and Financial Aid


Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative average in graduate-level course work. Full-time students, attempting 9 or more credits per semester, are expected to complete eighteen credit hours per academic year. Academic reviews are conducted each semester. Students accepted to a graduate program on a probationary basis, may apply for a federal Stafford Loan during this initial probationary semester of study. Students placed on or continued on probation as a result of their graduate academic record at the College, are not eligible for College or federal financial assistance, including student loans.