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2020-2021 Springfield College Catalog 
2020-2021 Springfield College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology - Athletic Counseling (GR)

Program Information

Recent trends in the world of sport have highlighted the need for individuals who are sensitive to unique academic, social, and athletic challenges that athletes face at all levels. The Athletic Counseling program is designed to meet this need by offering students an interdisciplinary preparation in counseling, psychology, and the sport sciences that will enable them to offer specialized support services to athletes in a variety of settings.

Building on a foundation of general counseling competencies, students in the program are offered intensive study and research opportunities in the area of life span developmental factors that affect athletes. Classroom, laboratory, and fieldwork placements provide students with opportunities to gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in providing support services to this unique population.

The basic program, leading to either a M.S. or a M.Ed. degree, is forty-eight credits. Students seeking further specialization in career development, life skills enhancement, sport psychology or counseling/ clinical areas may elect to take additional coursework. Students planning full time study must begin their program in September.

The supervised fieldwork/internship component of the program provides students with opportunities to work with athletes in a variety of settings. Sites range from competitive youth sports to Division I university programs, and give the students significant experience in preparation for professional careers. Participation in the Research Team is an option for the students to gain a better understanding of the research process. Students and faculty meet weekly to discuss recent student and faculty research.

Degree Information

The candidate will be eligible for either a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree or a Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a major in Psychology and a concentration in Athletic Counseling depending upon the selection made in consultation with the advisor.

Contact Information

Dr. Judy VanRaalte
Telephone: (413) 748-3388

I. Core requirement (3 credits)

III. Research requirements

A. M.Ed. requirements

The M.Ed. degree program requires successful completion of all graduate work and successful completion of a program-specific comprehensive examination.  

The research requirement under this plan consists of research completed within a specific course.

B. M.S. requirements (Thesis required)

The M.S. degree program requires successful completion of all graduate work required by the student’s specific program, and a master’s research thesis which culminates in an oral defense.