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2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Sport Management

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(132 semester hours) Requirements are subject to change.

The sport management major is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop expertise in business management with an orientation toward the world of sport. As sports have evolved into an integral part of the American culture, the operations of sport programs have become more sophisticated and complex. People assigned to the responsibility for the management of sport programs and facilities must become familiar with the intricacies of sport activities and also be effective as business professionals.

The program of study consists of three basic components: General Education courses, the business management core, and the sports concepts core. These program components provide a foundation for the development of knowledge and skills required for sport management. Practical experience is provided in the sports concepts core that enables students to apply what has been learned in a business setting. During the senior year, students are required to complete a fifteen-week field experience under the supervision of a qualified professional in sport management. This experience affords students the opportunity to nurture acquired skills while functioning in the business of sport. It also facilitates student entry into the employment market upon graduation.

For more information about the sport management major, contact Dr. Matthew Pantera, chairperson of the Sport Management and Recreation Department, at (413) 748-3693 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

Download a Sport Management Program Checksheet


I. General Education Program (41 s.h. in addition to courses taken for the major)

To integrate the humanics philosophy into their lives, Springfield College students engage in the search for knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of values through a variety of courses in the sciences and humanities. In addition to those General Education courses, students must complete 6 s.h. of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) courses. For more information see the General Education Program and WAC courses. In the major requirements listed below, selected courses which fulfill General Education categories are marked with an asterisk; selected WAC courses are marked with a “W”.

III. Sport Management Core (61 s.h.)

IV. Sport Management Pre-Preacticum and Fieldwork

All sport management majors must submit an application for both SMRT 340 and SMRT 485 at least one semester prior to enrollment in those courses. This application may be secured from and must be submitted to the sport management fieldwork coordinator by a specified and published deadline to assure appropriate site identification and arrangement. All arrangements for both the pre-practicum and fieldwork must be approved by the fieldwork coordinator. SMRT 485 is worth 12 s.h., all majors enrolled in this course are required to complete the equivalent of one full semester (15 weeks) in this experience for a minimum of 480 clock hours.

V. Program and Advanced Standing Standards

Sport management majors must qualify for advanced standing in order to register for the third- and fourth-year sequences of required courses (including pre-practicum and internship). To qualify for advanced standing, the student must meet the following standards by the conclusion of his or her sophomore year.

  1. An overall GPA (all courses) of 2.500 or higher
  2. Proper professional and responsible behavior is expected of each sport management student. This includes behavior while a student (on- and off-campus) and as a member of the college community.

After achieving the minimum GPA, the student must maintain those standards through the remainder of the program. If the student fails to meet or maintain those standards, the sport management faculty will review the student’s record and recommend departmental probation (with appropriate prescription to overcome the deficiency) or dismissal from the program.

Appeal Process
A student may appeal any action taken by the department regarding his or her probation or dismissal from the major. In order to appeal, the student must submit a letter to the department chairperson requesting a review of their status. This appeal must be submitted within two weeks of the student being notified of his or her probation or dismissal. The sport management and recreation chairperson will call a meeting of the appropriate faculty to which the student will be invited. The student will be notified within ten days of the meeting regarding the outcome of his/her appeal.

VI. Sample Program by Year

The program listed below is a sample—courses are not guaranteed to be offered during the semester or year listed. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that all requirements are met on a timely basis and that needed prerequisite courses are completed before taking upper-level requirements; therefore, they should consult carefully with an advisor when planning their program. Students must average a minimum of 17.0 s.h. a semester to complete this program in four years.

In addition to the courses identified below, the following General Education categories need to be fulfilled for this major: Natural Science, Computer Science, Health, Physical Education, Literature, Second Language/Culture, Visual and Performing Arts, History, Social Justice, Philosophy, and Religion.

A. First Year - Fall Semester

First Year - Spring Semester

B. Second Year - Fall Semester

Second Year - Spring Semester

C. Third Year - Fall Semester

Third Year - Spring Semester

Fourth Year - Spring Semester

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