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2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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(130 semester hours; 143 semester hours with secondary teacher licensure) Requirements are subject to change. [Also see Sports Biology Major]

The biology major offers diverse exposure to the key areas of study in the life sciences. Undergraduate study may lead to acceptance to graduate schools, including schools of medicine and dentistry; careers in laboratory sciences in hospitals, government, or industry; and teacher licensure. Students who want to enter medical or dental school are advised by an interdepartmental preprofessional committee.

Biology majors may also opt to seek licensure as a teacher of biology at the secondary level. Students seeking licensure must complete all requirements for the major, plus the secondary education professional preparation requirements. For more information about the biology major, contact Dr. Joseph Berger of the Chemistry/Biology Department at (413) 748-3337 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

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I. General Education Program (37 s.h. in addition to courses taken for the major)


To integrate the humanics philosophy into their lives, Springfield College students engage in the search for knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of values through a variety of courses in the sciences and humanities. In addition to those General Education courses, students must complete 6 s.h. of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) courses. For more information see the General Education Program and WAC courses. In the major requirements listed below, selected courses which fulfill General Education categories are marked with an asterisk; selected WAC courses are marked with a “W”.


All Biology Majors are required to select a concentration:

Comprehensive Biology Concentration:

Cell/Molecular Biology Concentration:

Biochemistry Concentration:

Environmental Concentration:

III. Biology Selectives

Make selective course choices from the following:

C. Environmental Biology

E. Other Electives

Depending on the concentration chosen, the Biology major (non-teacher licensure) requires 20-31 s.h. of electives to complete 130 s.h.

IV. Program Standards

All biology majors must earn a grade of C- or better in all courses required for the major, including selectives.

V. Optional Secondary Teacher Licensure Program (37 s.h.)

Biology majors may elect to seek licensure as a teacher of biology at the secondary level (grades 5–8 and or 8–12). Advisement is provided by a member of the Chemistry/Biology Department and a member of the Education Department. Students seeking licensure should begin their program upon their admission to the College, but in order to be considered teacher candidates and to complete the professional preparation requirements, they must apply for official admission to the teacher preparation program and be accepted. Application to the teacher preparation program typically occurs prior to the junior year. More information about requirements for admittance to the teacher preparation program can be found in the Secondary Teacher Licensure Program section. Biology majors seeking licensure should consult with their academic advisors regarding selectives needed for preparation for licensure exams. Biology majors seeking licensure must complete all requirements for the major plus the additional requirements listed below.

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