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2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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General Studies

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(130 semester hours) Requirements are subject to change.

The general studies major allows students to complete a selfdesigned major, using a framework based on Springfield College’s humanics philosophy. While that philosophy encompasses far more than can be summed up in any set of academic courses, a five-fold division–the humanics study core–has been established to allow students to explore a breadth of coursework and experience. In addition to that humanics studies core, general studies majors also complete a minor or a self-designed concentration (18 s.h.), to provide them depth of study in one discipline. The three parts of the general studies major–the General Education Program, the humanics studies core, and the minor or concentration allow students an excellent opportunity to design an interdisciplinary major, explore their own unique interests, and/or prepare for graduate school or a variety of careers.

For more information about the general studies major, contact Professor Judy Hartling at (413) 748-3379 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

Download a General Studies Program Checksheet


I. General Education Program (up to 47 s.h.)

To integrate the humanics philosophy into their lives, Springfield College students engage in the search for knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of values through a variety of courses in the sciences and humanities. In addition to those General Education courses, students must complete 6 s.h. of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) courses. For more information see the General Education Program and WAC courses. In the major requirements listed below, selected courses which fulfill General Education categories are marked with an asterisk; selected WAC courses are marked with a “W”.

II. Humanic Studies Core(approximately 45 s.h.)

In addition to the General Education courses, students are required to take three courses in each of the five areas of humanics studies as described in the General Education Program. Those five areas and the departments which generally fall within them are:

A. Humanics and the Scientific Endeavor

Computer and Information Sciences
Environmental Science
Physical Science

B. Humanics, Health, and Movement

Applied Exercise Science
Art Therapy
Athletic Training
Emergency Medical Services Management
Health Studies
Movement and Sport Studies (excluding MOSK courses)
Movement Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Physical Education (excluding PEAC, PEPC, or PEAI courses)
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Recreation and Tourism
Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
Sport Management

C. Humanics and Expressive and Communicative Life

Communications/Sports Journalism

D. Humanics, Culture, and Society

Management (Business)
Political Science
Yout h De v e lopment
E. Humanics and the Search for Meaning

III. Concentration or Minor (minimum of 18 s.h.)

In addition to the General Education courses and the humanics studies core, students are required to complete an official minor or design a concentration comprised of 18 s.h. in one undergraduate department or program. Concentrations must be approved in advance by the coordinator of the general studies major.

IV. Electives

To complete 130 s.h.

V. Additional Requirements

30 s.h. in the student’s program must be comprised of upper-level coursework. To ascertain whether a course qualifies as upper-level, the student must consult with the coordinator ofthe general studies major. Pursuant to College requirements, the student must have a 2.000 GPA to graduate.

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