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2019-2020 Springfield College Catalog 
2019-2020 Springfield College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SMRT 578 - Applied Principles in Child Life and Family Centered Care

This course is designed to facilitate students’ understanding of the practical application of Child Life and Family-Centered-Care principles.  Through experiential activities and seminar style discussion, students practice various application skills used by Child Life Specialists including (but not limited to) assessment, building supportive relationships, pre-procedural teaching, procedural support and distraction, pain management interventions, death and associated interventions, and sibling support.  A significant focus is placed on the role of play for the hospitalized child and the role of the Chld Life Specialist during bereavement situations.

Prerequisites & Notes
SMRT 574 - Child Life Concepts and Theories in Working with the Hospitalized Child  


SMRT 576 - Child Life Clinical Issues and Techniques  

Credits: 3