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2019-2020 Springfield College Catalog 
2019-2020 Springfield College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AEXS 335 - Measurement and Evaluation

This course is an introduction to the methods of measurement and evaluation in the health/fitness field. Emphasis is placed on choosing appropriate tests, calculation, and interpretation of basic statistics, and practical application of measurement principles. Topics include basic research methodology, statistical tools in evaluation, reliability, and validity, calibration of equipment, test administration, and evaluation of fitness tests.

Prerequisites & Notes
AEXS majors only.

One of the following MATH courses:

MATH 115 - College Algebra  

MATH 125 - Precalculus Mathematics  

MATH 131 - Introduction to Calculus with Applications  

MATH 140 - Calculus I  

MATH 142 - Calculus II  


permission of instructor. 


Credits: 3