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2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog 
2004-2005 Springfield College Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL 260*W - General Ecology

This course studies the structural and functional aspects of ecosystems covering food chains, material cycling, limiting factors, populations, interactions, adaptations, succession, diversity, and world biomes. Fieldwork and competency in techniques for ecosystems analysis are stressed. WAC requirement includes keeping a log and field reports examined by the instructor and the writing center. As a social justice course, environmental issues relating to economic class, gender, religion, race, and ability are examined. Time is allocated for connecting social justice to ecological concepts.

Fulfills social justice General Education category. Can fulfill WAC.

Prerequisites & Notes
BIOL 101-102 or 121-122 and 123-124. Co-requisite: Students must also register for the corresponding lab, BIOL 261.

Credits: 3 s.h