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2017-2018 Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies 
2017-2018 Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses and Descriptions

Course Numbering System

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Undergraduate Course Numbers



These courses are broad surveys or an introduction to a discipline. They do not have prerequisites, unless it is a sequential course.



These courses are introductions to, or principles of, areas of study within a discipline. They may or may not have prerequisites.



These are advanced courses, providing depth of study in a specialized topic, or pre-practicums. They often have prerequisites, or assume readiness for advanced level study.



These are highly specialized undergraduate courses, capstone seminars, or capstone practicums. Prerequisites, a level of readiness, or advancement within the major may be required for this advanced level of work.


Graduate Course Numbers



These courses are generally introductory or entry level graduate courses.


  These courses are more advanced, in-depth and specialized graduate study associated with a profession or discipline.

UNDG - Human Services

   •  HUSB 307 - Human Services Portfolio Development Credits: 3