Dec 09, 2021  
2021-2022 Springfield College Catalog 
2021-2022 Springfield College Catalog

Dean’s List

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List is published three times a year following completion of the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

The criteria for selection to the Dean’s List are as follows:

  1. The student must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded coursework for the term, exclusive of “P” grades.

  2. The student must not have any incompletes or missing grades in the designated term.

  3. The student must have a minimum semester grade average of 3.500 for the term.

  4. The student must not have been barred from the Dean’s List due to disciplinary action.

If subsequent grade changes qualify a student for Dean’s List honors for a previous term, that designation will be reflected on the student’s transcript.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, even if all academic requirements for the Dean’s List have been met, a student may be sanctioned pursuant to the student disciplinary policy, which may prevent the awarding of Dean’s List credentials.

Dean’s list status is not awarded to graduate students.