Aug 09, 2022  
School of Professional and Continuing Studies Summer 2017 
School of Professional and Continuing Studies Summer 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Programs and Requirements

Major Course Requirements

In the undergraduate program, students complete a basic sequence of four required core courses that provides participants with a common frame of reference and opportunities to critically analyze and creatively construct ideas about the nature and function of society including aspects of history, education, politics, economics, philosophy, justice, community, and leadership for social change. Students must also successfully complete a required yearlong community research project that allows them to work together in study groups for the purpose of designing, implementing, and evaluating a community change project. Through a culminating senior seminar requirement, students are expected to demonstrate that they can integrate and apply the theories, skills and concepts learned in the classroom to their practice in work, family, and community settings.

Course Prerequisites Policy

Students must successfully complete courses within a sequence and/or specified prerequisite courses to enroll in the next level of courses. Incomplete or “F” or “*” grades denote that a course has not been successfully completed.

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Human Services - Undergraduate